Fungal infection of the hair and scalp when covered constantly

This article relates to a young Muslim women in India with a double fungal infection. I have also treated several Muslim girls in Malaysia with similar fungal infection.  Malaysia is very much like Southern India, high temperatures and high humidity. Advise for girls with long hair who are constantly wearing head gear covering the scalp, is to wash frequently, at least daily, with shampoo and blow dry your hair and scalp. A covered head increases moisture on the scalp due to sweat and prevents drying, covering also eliminate light, these conditions encourages fungal growth.

Pediculosis and White Piedra

Acute poisoning in a child following topical treatment of head lice

Inappropriate use of pesticides to treat head lice nearly killed a child in the US recently.  The child was treated with topical application of Diazinon-60 (WHO Class II toxicity) for head lice (pediculosis capitis). Pesticides can be absorbed in through the skin. The child suffered serious neurological symptoms. After emergency respiratory and circulatory resuscitation the patient underwent dermal decontamination and was treated with atropine, high flow oxygen and pralidoxime. The head lice was eradicated but the child was hospitalized for seven days and fortunately discharged after full recovery. The case highlights the importance of the danger of misusing pesticides for the treatment of head lice. Go see your doctor or Trichologist for treatment.